Where do Chinese imitation watches come from?

May 2, 2022

Most of the high imitation watches on the market are from Guangdong. There are some high imitation watches that ordinary people cannot distinguish, especially those with ETA movement as the basic movement, such as high imitation Longines, high imitation Tissot, Replica Richard Mille, high imitation Cartier, high imitation IWC, and the like. There are a lot of fake watches because those watchmakers of high imitation watches can directly use the rough version of the Seagull movement to polish, add the brand's logo, and even gloss the same Côtes de Genève as the genuine watch to pretend to be the Swiss ETA movement, to make huge profits. And to imitate the more popular styles, many high imitation watch manufacturers will imitate foreign actions to produce their own, like the 3135 movements, one piece is authentic, and one part is fake; it is tough to guess which work is fake? Which one is real?

The fastest way to identify high imitation watches

When we buy a watch we like, we want to know whether it is accurate or fake. Here is a quick way to identify genuine and counterfeit watches. This method applies to all watches. Use a magnifying glass to observe the font of the watch, the font of the high imitation watch will be thick, blunt, or even overflowing with ink. In short, the high imitation watch itself is not the actual watch; no matter how it is imitated, and the authentic watch is essentially different, it is essential to like it。

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