What is the difference between a replica watch and a high imitation watch?

May 30, 2022

The difference between the two is more significant, although both are imitation watches. The replica watch is a replica watch manufacturer first purchases a genuine watch to carry out the disassembly and assembly model and carries out the production and manufacture of the engraving model according to the 1:1 of the actual product, which can ensure that the appearance is more than 95% similar to the genuine watch. Sex. Such as replica Rolex. And high imitation luxury watches can achieve about 80% similarity in appearance, and there are specific differences in appearance from replica watches. The selection of the core of the replica watch is also more important than that of the high imitation watch. Generally, the nature of China is very stable, while the heart of the high imitation watch is very general.

The quality of the replica watch is better than the ordinary high imitation watch, and the simulation degree is more elevated. The replica watch is also a high imitation watch with the best quality and the highest imitation in the tall model. According to the original mold, ordinary people can't distinguish; only professionals can identify.

In summary, do you already know that there is no difference between the two? If there is a difference, it is the proportion of production and watchmaking craftsmanship. Ordinary high imitation watches will not be reproduced in a one-to-one ratio, and the watchmaking process will be relatively simple. The production process of one-to-one replicas is rather complicated. Did you know this?

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