What is a top replica watch?

Mar 30, 2022

In a sense, top replica watches represent the pinnacle of the domestic watch industry, mainly in terms of craftsmanship. In terms of artistry, it completely surpasses the popular Swiss brand watches on the counters of shopping malls. The appearance of the goods is more refined.

The grade of the replica watch

1. Low imitation: This kind of watch can be seen through at a glance, the artistry is very rough, and the style is also imaginary. The market price is around 200 to 300, mainly in Yiwu.
2. Common imitation: Common imitation is also called small factory goods. It is also the most imitation watches on the market, which can be clearly distinguished by those who know well about watches. The watches of the general defense are all imitating the popular styles on the market. The price is around 700 to 800. The more famous types are the replica Richard Mille watches.

3. High imitation: High imitation refers to the J goods imitated according to the original goods. Because they are made more accurate than the general rough J goods, even if they are put together with the genuine goods, it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. It's called high imitation.

What are the elements that make up a replica watch?

If I can sum up the replica watch in one sentence, it is: a large underground factory dismantles the mold through the genuine product and uses the high-end materials to manufacture the top imitation watch on the market. The bracelet used in the replica watch is a steel band, usually 316L steel or 904L steel. It can be infinitely close to the genuine product in feel and texture. The similarity is as high as 95%, and ordinary people cannot recognize it.

If you still distinguish high imitation watches, please pay attention to my next article: "How to distinguish high imitation watches?"

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