Uncover the three tricks of high imitation watches - Beware of being deceived

Mar 25, 2022

    The development of science and technology has also brought great benefits to the watch manufacturing industry. Today, with the rapid growth of the watch industry, the technology of various large factories in the country has made rapid progress. At that time, the country imported many pieces of equipment and machines from Switzerland. The industrial technology introduced from Germany and Japan has been used to vigorously develop the domestic watch industry, so the high-end manufacturing of watches has increased in China. Many accessories factories are OEMs such as Chanel, Tissot, Mido, and other watches, and these The accessories factory also manufactures high-quality replica rolex watches in China. No signs are attached during production. Finally, they are assembled separately in various country regions, then labeled, finished products, and then transported to Guangzhou for retail sales. It is produced by Foxconn in Zhengzhou and will be sold before being sent to the United States for sales. The difference between high imitation watches is that the water is profound. There are many scams and routines in the market. Today we will reveal these scams.

Demystifying the three common tricks of high imitation watches

1. "The movement is the same as the genuine product, using the Swiss movement." There are indeed a few high fake watches, which also use Swiss movements. The most common ones are ETA and SW movements. Many Swiss brands also use them. These two movements, but the quality of a watch is not just based on the campaign.

2. "The degree of simulation reaches 99.9%, even the dealers can't see it". It's ridiculous to use a percentage to measure a product. The rate depends on the numerator and denominator. This kind of industrial product has no parameters at all. Where does the portion come from? ? No matter how good an imitation watch is, it is also an imitation watch. Many irresistible factors cannot be changed, and even the dealer's warranty card information entry system will not be invisible.

3. "I am a watchmaker." I have never heard of this profession. There are only independent watchmakers and no watch customizers. I admire this kind of person who can make watches by himself and "make" a profession by himself. I don't know if I made other people's logos when I made them myself? Saying this, why don't you say that you are a fake watch seller?

The production of high imitation watches is a lot of cheap, and the sellers only need dozens of dollars to get the goods, but they are sold at high prices after packaging, so they make a lot of money. The scam of buying high imitation watches has always existed, so you must distinguish yourself and remember not to be deceived when you purchase high imitation watches.

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