Rolex launches new Submariner 124060 in 2020

Aug 15, 2021

Rolex launched a new Submariner in 2020, which is better than the previous generation in almost all aspects, but if you don't look carefully enough, you may not notice the difference.

rolex 124060

Just like the Porsche 911, the new Submariner has changed, but subtly. Rolex first enlarged the case to 41 mm (40 mm case for many years). The stainless steel alloy used is still 904L. It is said that 904L has better corrosion resistance than 316L. Although this is not unique to Rolex, few watch companies use more expensive alloys to make steel watches.

rolex 124060

In addition, the lugs are thinner than their predecessor, and the edges are smoother so that the case looks a little lighter. The Oyster bracelet has also been redesigned to fit the new case proportions. In the end, no matter how slight changes will make the watch more comfortable to wear on the wrist. Judging from the dial, the 18K gold hour hand and hour markers seem precisely the same as the previous generation. The frame is also made of steel, as is the ceramic ring, and the flange ring is engraved with the word "ROLEX." As before, the hands and scales of the Chromalight lume glow blue.

rolex 124060

Rolex's new movement 3230 and Submariner Date 3235 movement, compared with the previous generation, have a significant improvement. The power reserve is increased to 70 hours, the same as other watches in the Rolex product line over the years. To increase the power reserve, Rolex has developed the 3230 and 3235 movements, using Rolex's patented Chronergy escapement system, which combines high energy efficiency and reliability. Made of nickel-phosphorus, it is not sensitive to magnetic fields. The movement is equipped with an optimized blue Parachrom hairspring made by Rolex, a unique paramagnetic alloy, which makes it ten times more impact resistant than traditional hairsprings, helping to maintain accuracy. Finally, this movement is the most advanced observatory, rated at -2/+2 per day, which is twice as accurate as of the standard COSC certification.

rolex 124060

In addition to Submariner (124060) and Submariner Date (126610LN), six other watches made their debut (126610LV, 126613LB, 126613LN 126619LB, 126618LB, 126618LN). In 2020, Rolex launched a total of 8 new Submariners. Including one without a date and the other seven with the date. In the Submariner series, the price of the new generation has increased by about 4-5%.

Rolex, like Patek Philippe, now sells according to supply, effectively controlling demand. Rising auction prices keep second-hand Submariner and antique watches at record highs. Therefore, if one day you can buy a brand new 2020 Submariner in the market of any country in the world, don't hesitate to start it.

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