Richard Mille establishes second-hand partnership

Aug 15, 2021

For brands like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex and Richard Mille, it’s important to know what channels to use to get their second-hand products most reliable. Because unless you are a VIP customer, their hot, highly sought-after products are basically out of reach of you in a short period of time. Alas, here you are eager to see through, but the dealers in the gray market can't wait for everyone to hold a few boxes of water ghosts, Nautilus or various types of RM in their hands, waiting for those who are too expensive to think. Buyers who want to shed tears of premium price come to the door. But this involves another problem, that is, from the hands of the watchmaker to the hands of the gray market dealers, the process in the middle is often quite vague, and buyers do not always have a clear understanding of what watches they are paying for. Where did it come from, or what state it was in. This is why Richard Mille has now initiated a designated second-watch retail partnership to ensure that consumers can purchase second-hand RM watches with peace of mind in the four regions. Not only that, the parts of these products will also be handed over to Richard Mille’s technicians for comprehensive inspection and repair, and a 24-month official warranty service will be provided.

Richard Mille

Although the second-hand market is an important channel for consumers around the world to buy watches, some brands like Rolex don't (openly) care about it very much. Therefore, Richard Mille's actions are believed to reap the favor of many potential buyers. They fully understand the status of their own brands and the market demand for their products, and at the same time realize the importance of the second-hand market, that's why they made such a decision, so that buyers can more assured and easier to enter Richard Mill's world.

Richard Mille

Richard Mille said: "Stepping into the second-hand market is not just to cater to those who want to obtain discontinued works. In 2001, we had already foreseen the vigorous development of the second-hand watch market in the future. The brand also It has been providing and supporting second watch services through some specific service centers. All of this is to establish the most critical part of the relationship between luxury brands and their customers, that is,'trust'. These two words are used in customer purchases. It will play a very important role when it comes to watch."

Richard Mille

Although it is still unclear what the pricing of these officially certified Richard Mille second-hand watches are, I think it is certain that these four partners will definitely press their value to meet the second-hand level, and will not It's so stupid to refer to the suggested retail price for resale. Of course, it’s better not to think of "no need to pay premium". In combination with the above, the works in the best condition brought by the support of official certification and warranty service will be of added value. reflect.

Richard Mille

So where are these four partners? According to Richard Mille: "We are pleased to announce that our second-hand watch distribution network now covers all major markets on four continents. Anyone who wants to buy a second-hand RM can contact our certified partner Buy with peace of mind. They are-'NX One' in Japan,'The Value of Time' in Singapore,'Westime' in the United States and'Ninety' in London, UK. But what does it matter?

Buyers who buy second-hand RM watches at these four points of sale will receive a 24-month international warranty service, a certificate of authenticity, a service manual, and a brand new watch strap and watch box. In view of the past incidents in the second-hand watch market, it is undoubtedly a happy thing to know that there is a safe enough way to buy this coveted expensive timepiece.

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